Following the success of The Fish & Chip Shop, our family has been humbled with requests to invest in our growing brand. Although we are always looking to share the love with a growing family, the love for what we do and why we do it is paramount to every new venture we put together.

The ideal business partner/investor should be unique, and although a history of running a business is not a requirement, personality, creativity, and commitment are non-negotiable in the family. Having the required financial resources is essential in building your new investment with us and ensuring the new business venture avoids unnecessary pressures in the teething phase of your new setup, a key requirement is ensuring that your capital outlay is unencumbered from the start.

The responsibility of every investor is unique to The Fish & Chip Shop… as we consider ourselves not to be “franchisors” but hands-on operators and partners, and it is incredibly important for the family to understand key roles and responsibilities in this joint investment…

The Operations Team is formulated to run the business in the event whereby the investor chooses not to be a hands-on operator, that’s correct, we run the day-to-day business if you have other commitments! The operations structure we’ve put in place is unique to our brand and business model not because the investor can’t operate the business, but because we understand our role and commitment to doing the best that we can to ensure every one of our stores succeeds in customer experience, quality presented and brand representation in every community.

In the event whereby the investor chooses to be hands-on, and an operator of a store, a list of stringent requirements will be presented;

Terms and Conditions

Prior to completing your application please ensure you read the terms and conditions and accept them by clicking on the check box at the bottom of the page.

Terms and Conditions applicable to the Application Process and Waiting List:

  1. No part of any of the processes facilitated or outlined on this site are accompanied by any guarantee of success, nor do they represent any undertaking on behalf of FCS Group Pty Ltd to establish a The Fish & Chip Shop restaurant either at the applicant’s location or with the applicant;
  2. Applications are dealt with strictly on a first-received-first-processed basis;
  3. Applicants who are desirous of being considered for the Waiting List on the basis outlined on this site will only be positioned on the Waiting List upon completion of the process. To this end, allocation of places on the Waiting List will be strictly driven by the timing of completion and receipt by FCS Group of the final assessment results;
  4. Formal “Approval” of potential applicants would only be valid for a period of 1 year. 
  5. FCS Group’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into regarding reasons for rejections and FCS Group reserves the right to assess applicants based on its standard criteria, as may be amended from time to time.

The content and structure of this site is designed to assist interested parties with information to support their possible application for a The Fish & Chip Shop franchise and for no other reason whatsoever. All contents, of whatever nature, is regarded as private between FCS Group and the applicant and, on the same basis as FCS Group protect the information submitted by applicants so it is expected that applicants will reciprocate with the same respect. All information of a personal nature is strictly for internal use only and will be used for no other purpose other than for the assessment of the applicant’s submission, unless authorised to the contrary by the applicant.