Following the success of The Fish & Chip Shop, our family have been humbled with requests to invest in our growing brand. Although we are always looking to share the love with a growing family, the love for what we do and why we do it is paramount to every new venture we put together.

We have no intentions of franchising our brand at this point in time, we are however always looking to partner with new investors, entrepreneurs and charismatic men or women who have the commitment to put in their love to what we do, the financial resources to ensure stability of every venture and the passion to ensure growth presents opportunity for that in which we all share.

The ideal business partner/investor should be unique and although a history of running a business is not a requirement, personality, creativity and commitment are noN negotiable in the family. Having the required financial resources is essential in building your new investment with us and ensuring the new business venture avoids unnecessary pressures in the teething phase of your new setup, a key requirement is ensuring that your capital outlay is unencumbered from the start.

The responsibility of every investor is unique to The Fish & Chip Shop… as we consider ourselves not to be franchisor’s but hands on operators, it is incredibly important for the family to understand each role and responsibility in every investment…

The Operations Team is formulated to run the business in the event whereby the investor chooses not to be a hands on operator, that’s correct, we run the day to day business! The operations structure we’ve put in place is unique to our brand and business model not because the investor can’t operate the business but because we understand our role and commitment in doing the best that we can to ensure every business succeeds in customer experience, quality presented and brand representation in every community.

In the event whereby the investor chooses to be hands on and an operator of a store, a list of stringent requirements are presented;

With every new Fish & Chip Shop, we take care of the details together;

If you’re looking for a fresh take on your investment opportunities complete the submission form and we will be in contact soon…